A Bit About Us

Ever wondered who that company is that snaps up the best deals and the biggest discounts on properties in the area before anyone else ever even hears about them?  Well that’s us.

Our Team

Johnny Moore : Owner & Chief Visionary Officer

Jay Salgado : COO & VA Manager

Kent Pachao : Property Manager & Marketing Head

John Caesar Silva : Virtual Assistant

 Johnny Moore : Owner & Chief Visionary Officer

Johnny Moore handles the acquisition of the homes we purchase. He is an expert in the Sherman and Denison area and buying Real Estate. He walks the sellers through every step of the acquisition process and explains it in a simple to understand terms. He is always available to answer any questions the seller or their family members may have. His #1 goal is to do everything with integrity and treat everyone with respect. He does what he says he is going to do and loves dealing with people.  Johnny strives to make every purchase a quick, smooth, and stress-free transaction.

Jay Salgado : Chief Operating Officer & VA Manager

Jay is the Implementor. He handles the organization of the company and runs all operations and systems. He leads a team that handles the seller leads in gathering all of the information needed to make informed decisions on each property. He also works with our buyers to help find the right property that fits their buying criteria.

Kent Pachao : Acquisitions, Property Supervisor & Marketing Head

Kent is in Acquisitions. He talks to the sellers, runs the numbers , analyzes each deal, and prepares the offers.

John Caesar Silva : Virtual Assistant

JC has recently joined our team as a Virtual Assistant. He does much of our research, marketing, video editing, and automations.

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